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Projects of Optimization and Automatic Systems (PROPYSA) by means of contracts celebrated with companies of parcel and messenger offers to its users the service of shipment.

This service consists of providing its users with a solution in the shipment of a specific product using tools for calculating the value of the shipment and generating labels for the subsequent shipment of the product by the aforementioned parcel and courier services. hired by PROPYSA.

You can make purchases online from anywhere in the world, the delivery of the merchandise is only and exclusively within the Mexican Republic (subject to package coverage).

At the moment it is not possible to send the goods out of the Mexican Republic, however, we hope in the future to have this service.

Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs. The handling fees are fixed, while the transportation fees vary according to the total weight of the shipment. We recommend that you group your items in a single order. We can not group two orders ordered separately, and the shipping rates will apply to each of them.

The user must provide all the complete and correct information for the shipment of the product. The buyer acknowledges that he will be solely responsible for the consequences resulting from not providing, not verifying and / or the inconsistency of said information.

PROPYSA is not responsible for loss, theft, loss or any damage that the goods may suffer during the shipment.